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Case Share |Telpo Green Pass Scanner Assist Vaccination Verification
Source: Telpo

In a bid to reduce the spread of the coronavirus and encourage people to get vaccinated, Italy demands citizens to show their COVID-19 Green Pass before entering public places.

It was reported that the Green Pass contains a digital COVID-19 vaccination certificate, as well as recent negative COVID-19 test results and recovery proof from the disease in the last six months. The green pass or called digital COVID certificate can use across the European Union to some extent, is stored on a cellphone app that can be checked by scanning the specific QR code.

The above picture published on the Insider website has shown that an employee checked his green pass vaccination by the green pass scanner at the entrance of his company office. And that green pass scanner is exactly Telpo TPS508.

In virtue of advanced card reading and professional QR code scanning technology, Telpo green pass scanner?TPS508?can support identity verification?and digital certificate authentication?with screen display, indicator light, and voice broadcast triple remind. In addition, the stable communication?(4G/WIFI/BT)?allows the green pass scanner to synchronize compare and upload scanned?data?to the cloud?platform?for recording and follow-up tracking.

How does the Telpo green pass scanner work?
As the QR code is the main format of the COVID certificate, thus the key to verifying the certificate lies in scanning and decoding the information of the QR code. People can show their green pass before the green pass scanner, which will activate QR code technology to verify the reality of vaccination information within a second. After that, the scanned data will be matched with the approved platform to validate the accuracy and inform the status.

The specific steps are as follow:
?Step one: Put your green pass before the scanning window of the green pass?scanner
?Step two: The green pass?scanner will automatically scan and decode the QR code
?Step three: The?verification result (vaccine/test/recovery information) will be displayed on the screen with voice broadcast and indicator light (red for no entry, green for safe entry)

Easy-to-use: Show your green pass before the green pass scanner is what you need to do, which is simple and easy to use.
Security: Encryption mechanism to ensure the safety of personal data or privacy. No personal information will be disclosed.
Convenience: Automatic and contactless verification without manual checking and additional manpower input. ?
Expandability: The green pass scanner can be used in various places include communities, vaccine centers, hospitals, etc

Nowadays, Telpo green pass scanners have helped all walks of life make effective vaccine verification and gained strong recognition and praise. If you want to know more details, welcome to contact us.

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