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Case Share| Telpo QR Code Reader Elevate Epidemic Prevention Effect
Source: Telpo

Nowadays, the epidemic has come and gone and drives people to keep guard and strengthen epidemic prevention and control all the time. Again the backdrop, high-tech company with high social responsibility has rolled out epidemic prevention measures including QR code reader, journey tracking system, vaccine vaccination, etc to elevate epidemic prevention effect and protect people.

Earlier in 2020, the iBonus developed the epidemic prevention system and introduced QR code reader to track the chain of transmission through Octopus, staff smart cards, or mobile apps. Connecting with the access control system and big data, the combination of QR code reader and epidemic prevention system can prevent people who once contacted with confirmed people and stop them from entering public places such as restaurants, markets, nursing homes, and schools.

The specific operation can be seen in the above-mentioned picture. Places that require health status or journey checking should install a QR?code?reader, which allows checking whether people come to the high-risk area within 14 days once they put their card or QR code in front of the health pass scanner. As the QR?code?reader has already matched with the epidemic prevention system, if suspected someone is detected, the QR?code?reader will make a special alarm and ban people from entering.

It was worth mentioning that the QR?code?reader comes from Telpo, a leading smart terminal and solution provider. And that QR?code?reader is Telpo famous epidemic prevention star TPS508.

In virtue of advanced card reading and professional QR code scanning technology, Telpo QR?code?reader TPS508 can support identity verification and digital certificate authentication with screen display, indicator light, and voice broadcast triple remind. In addition, the stable communication (4G/WIFI/BT) allows the QR?code?reader to synchronize compare and upload scanned data to the cloud platform for recording and follow-up tracking.

Just as iBonus managing director said “The QR?code?reader connected with iBonus epidemic prevention system assist place quickly identify where people come from without nuclear testing. Once detecting people come from a high-risk area with a confirmed case, or contacted with the confirmed people, he will not allow entering the public place. It is good to assist epidemic prevention and elevate the epidemic prevention effect.”

Data shows that if 30% of people in a community participate in this activity and actively show their card or QR code in front of the QR?code?reader at the entrance, the growth of asymptomatic infections can be reduced by 80%. It is better to screen the people with high risk in advance rather than to find them after they have been diagnosed.

Nowadays, Telpo QR?code?readers have helped all walks of life do well in epidemic prevention and control and gained strong recognition and praise. If you want to know more details, welcome to contact us.

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