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Are Digital Vaccine Passports Reliable?
Source: Telpo
As COVID-19 still continues and vaccination rollouts stepping up the pace around the world, many countries are considering issuing digital vaccine passport or immunity passport in a bid to allow personnel freely and safely cross-border movement, and further improve global economy recovery.
What is Digital Vaccine Passport?

A digital vaccine passport is a digital documentation that someone has been vaccinated against the Covid-19. Once someone accepted the vaccine, an exclusive QR code will be generated and stored on his phone and show if he has tested negative for a virus. As vaccination is believed to be good to reduce infection risk and against virus spread, thus the vaccinated population is safe and healthy to some extent. With increasing countries begin to adopt vaccine passport, digital vaccine passport will make individual cross-border movement easily and conveniently.

Are Digital Vaccine Passports Reliable?

Even though there are different views towards the digital vaccine passport, it noticeably exits some security advantages. First, it stands to reason that digital vaccine passport is more accurate as it is hard to forge compared to paper records. It would unbreakably and directly connect your identification detail with your vaccination status. Even if someone stole your phone or copied its data, it makes no sense. The data would match only your passport.

Furthermore, adopting digital vaccine passport can minimize data sharing. Only personal identification details and vaccination information will be shared if detection is needed. Importantly, it is conducive to mitigating the impact of COVID-19 on international travel and push global economic recovery. We can't judge whether something is useful or not until we try it.

Telpo Digital Vaccine Passport Family

Telpo digital vaccine passport family is especially designed for verifying reality of individual vaccination information in a bid to stop the threat and risk caused by the fake COVID-19 test certificates. There are various kinds of machine for your selection.

When people enter the detection area and show his digital vaccine passport, the machine will activate QR code technology to verify the reality of digital vaccination information in no more than a second. As the scanned data will be matched with the data stored at the relevant testing institutions, thus individual’ identity, COVID-19 test result, and vaccination or immunization details can be accurately validated.

Meanwhile, the verification result will be displayed at the screen along with voice broadcast. Like the traffic, three colors stands for various status. The green means information matching and allow to enter, yellow represent there is something wrong and need to recheck and red refer to information error and forbid to enter. Importantly, Telpo digital vaccine passport family is in line with GDPR compliant framework and better protects individual information security.

New thing is always comes with controversy. Telpo is willing to improve its technology power and provide fast and safe digital vaccine passport verification to those countries that accept and adopt digital vaccine passport as a health pass. If you want to know more details, welcome to contact us.
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