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Case Share| Biometric Identity TermCase Share| Biometric Identity Terminal Assist Pesticide Purchase Real-name Registrationinal Assist Pesticide Purchase Real-name Registration
Source: Telpo

Pesticide is an essential part of farming. However, improper management of pesticide purchases will cause greatly hidden and result in crop harm, poisoning, human and animal casualties, and other accidents.

Under such circumstances, pesticide purchase real-name registration was introduced to better monitor the flow of the pesticide and fertilizer sales. People who want to purchase the pesticide must provide valid identification. And pesticide sales stores must do well in the information records relate to the purchasers' information, pesticide name, quantity, and date, and upload them to the pesticide traceability system.

To achieve full coverage of real-name pesticide purchases, some provinces require pesticide stores to install agricultural information supervision systems and realize electronic bookkeeping records of purchase, sale, and storage. But it is not an easy thing to do that in remote counties and rural areas as the pesticide stores used to traditional manual registration method.

However, manual registration is inefficient and easy to exploit loopholes. Because some people may use fake ID cards to buy pesticides, making it impossible to trace the purchase path, let alone to make sales staff upload relative purchase information to the supervision system.

To solve this problem, some rural pesticide stores introduce Telpo biometric identity terminal TPS650. In virtue of the face recognition and contactless card reading function, purchasers’ identity information can be automatically read once they put their ID card on the card reader.

If the purchaser forgets to bring his ID card, then he can look directly towards the 3D camera of the biometric identity terminal to verify himself. The unique characteristic of biometric data makes it impossible to forge or embezzle other’s identities. In addition, pesticide names, quantities, and dates, and relative information can also be uploaded to the information system through the biometric identity terminal.

The biometric identity terminal is conducive to improving the inefficient and high error rate of manual registration, promoting pesticide purchase real-name registration, achieving timely traceability, strictly cracking down on fake and shoddy pesticides, and ensuring the safety of pesticide use.

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