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How Identity Document Scanners Lead To Efficient Identification?
Source: Telpo
No country can be truly isolated from the world under globalization. As globalization deepens, personnel exchanges between countries are increasingly frequent. It is not surprising that people immigrate to another country, let alone travel internationally. At the same time, illegal immigration is on the rise, which is a threat to national security. Under such circumstances, efficient identification is necessary.

In recent years, the number of smugglers and illegal immigrants who use fake documents has been increasing, and therefore the traditional identification method only through documents is no longer enough. Since April 1, 2010, machine-readable passports have been adapted globally, explicitly using face, iris and fingerprint as basic biometric sites. Machine-readable passports are more easily identified, making visa application and boarding procedures easier. What follows is the emergence of digital document scanners and identity document scanners, which makes it possible to scan digital documents and know other identity information at the same time. The introduction of digital document scanners and identity document scanners makes the border security inspection simple, swift and secure.

How identity document scanners improve the efficiency of identification?
Nowadays, digital documents are of common use. Personal information is presented fast and accurately after scanning the digital documents, which makes digital document scanners be helpful to staffs who are responsible for customs, security and immigration. Staffs in these kinds of government institutions need to manage multinational affairs daily. It is important for them to verify the identities of people who they are dealing with. With the development of technology, it becomes easier to forge documents, adding more difficulties to government.

Luckily, biometric identification technology helps solve it. Biometric characteristics, like face, iris and fingerprint, are universal, unique, stable and easy-collected. Whether people intentionally or accidently forget their key documents, their identities can be verified swiftly and accurately thanks to biometric identification technology.

Various verification methods
Technology of digital document scanning and identity document scanning has been developing greatly in these years. A rugged biometric tablet can support a variety of verification methods, including 1D and 2D scanning, near-field communication, optical character recognition and passport MRZ. Various verification methods of digital document scanners can be applied to different kinds of documents.

It provides convenience for government staffs, especially who works in customs offices and immigration offices. What’s more, staffs in security checkpoints border benefit from it. Digital document scanners help simplify procedures visa application and boarding, improving the efficiency of government and security checkpoints border.

Multi-modal biometrics
Biometric recognition enhance identity reality.

Under globalization, illegal immigration is as common as legal immigration. Most of people entering the country illegally don’t possess documents to prove who they truly are. They try to use fake identities to escape the security check. Without biometric recognition, staffs at security checkpoints border may do wrong easily only through their naked eyes.

Digital document scanning and biometric recognition are complementary to each other. Biometric recognition helps identify the ones who use fake documents and steal others’ identities. In addition, it is easy to collect and verify face recognition, iris and fingerprint. An identity document scanner is able to check and verify identification data fast and accurately as well as flag suspicious users, data inconsistencies or fraud attempts, ensuring legitimate travelers come into the country.

Verifying identities of outsiders is of great significance for national safety. Identity document scanners present all information to the staffs of government agencies such as security checkpoints, customs offices, immigration offices and so on. Scanning identity documents help government staffs recognize the reliable and secure identities as well as flag the suspicious, improving efficiency and ensuring safety.

If you are considering a rugged biometric tablet, Telpo is happy to provide professional service for you. Up to now, Telpo products have served more than 120 countries, covering smart security, smart payment, smart retail, smart transportation and V-loT field. In terms of smart security, Telpo has been launching a series of biometric products. The rugged biometric tablets launched by Telpo can satisfy the needs of identity collection in different environments.
Can be used in harsh environments. The tablet is equipped with a 400nit sunlight readable screen. Meanwhile, the tablet can withstand exposure to dust and splashing liquids. Even encountering extreme weather, the rugged biometric tablets can operate well continuously.

Various verification methods and multi-modal biometrics. The tablets can support various verification methods, including 1D and 2D, NFC, OCR and passport MRZ. What’s more, the tablets support multi-modal biometrics, embracing face recognition, iris and fingerprint. The combination between verification methods and multi-modal biometrics enhances the identity reality and improves the efficiency of scanning identity documents.

Adapting user-friendly design. The tablets support gloves and wet hands operation. Even on wet days, there is no lose of efficiency of scanning identity documents. Additionally, it saves time for people to pull off their gloves, which improves the efficiency of collecting data as well as provides lots of convenience for people.

Portable and durable. It is convenient for staffs to carry the tablets. It is useless for people to worry about the durability of the tablets. The tablets withstand drops onto the concrete from a height of 1.5m under normal operating temperature. Don’t be afraid that the tablets will go wrong if you drop it accidentally. In addition, the tablets have a large battery capacity. After charging for 5-6 hours, the tablets can be used for over 12 hours continuously.

The rugged biometric tablets launched by Telpo can serve you anywhere anytime. The tablets must be the best choice for some security checkpoints in poor conditions. Telpo is devoted to be your experienced and trusted partner.

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