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Elevate Communication With Telpo's Latest Video Phone, V308
Source: Telpo
As technology develops, distance hasn’t been an obstacle to communications. To make face-to-face communication achieved over distance, Telpo launched the latest video phone, V308.

Telpo V308 is a cutting-edge video phone running on Android 9 OS that is designed to make video calling and conferencing more convenient and enjoyable. Equipped with an 8-inch HD screen, it provides crystal-clear visuals. Supporting a full set of audio decoding protocols, it guarantees higher-efficient and smooth interactions. This easy-to-install video phone can be seamlessly applied in various scenarios like schools, prisons, apartments, offices, nursing homes, etc., delivering an effortless video call experience everywhere.

Now let me tell you what benefits this versatile video phone will bring you!

Deliver crisp and clear visuals

With an 8-inch HD color screen with 1280*800HD and up to 1080P@24FPS video resolution, the image on the other side of the video phone is vividly presented as if you were talking to him face to face. Don’t worry about the HD quality having a bad effect on the interaction smoothness, Telpo V308 makes them coexist by applying H.264 video decoding!

Bring you clear audio every time

Telpo V308 is equipped with a magnetic handset that can accurately emit the on or off status whenever the handset is lifted and returned. At the same time, the handset can reduce background noise in order to achieve higher audio clarity and ensure smooth and undisturbed communications. This Telpo’s latest video phone has obtained a full set of audio decoding protocols as the strong backing of smooth communication, including Opus, G.722, G.711a/u, G.729ab, iLBC, etc.

Lighter weight and fewer transportation costs

Instead of a metal shell, Telpo V308 adopts a plastic shell that is much lighter and more durable. It is a more cost-effective choice for purchasers. With a weight of 1.5kg, the transportation cost of this video phone is reduced by 14%.

Effortless installation and easy access

Telpo V308 can be easily and solidly attached to the wall with the wall-mounted bracket provided by Telpo. It has full connections including Ethernet, WiFi, LTE, etc., which provides convenience for purchasers and organizations to get access. It also can support mainstream video calling software in the market, such as Zoom, Skype, Viber, etc., and has wide applications. By the way, Telpo also provides SDK for the integration of software and hardware.

Telpo platform services help you achieve more

Telpo has launched a series of platform services to make users enjoy more convenience. Telpo APP Store is a useful platform where users can download mass functional software and apps. Telpo AI MDM is a platform for terminal management and users can achieve higher efficiency. Telpo OS is an operating system tailored for Telpo users. Thanks to these platform services, an easier-to-use experience will be brought to users.

Technology helps us overcome distance. Telpo’s latest video phone, V308, connects people all over the world, making face-to-face communications available anywhere anytime. Welcome to contact us for more details.

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