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What Is EU Digital COVID Certificate and How To Verify It?
Source: Telpo

With the aim to release restrictions between cross-border movements and promote travel industry development, many countries actively seek a way. Nowadays, The EU implemented its EU Digital COVID Certificate to allow EU citizens and residents free and safe access to the member states.

What is the EU Digital COVID Certificate?

The EU Digital COVID Certificate (DCC) is a digital certificate to prove whether the EU citizens have been vaccinated, have tested negative or recovered from COVID-19. It is issued by test center or national health authorities for free and recognized by all EU 27 member states as well as Switzerland, Iceland, Norway and Liechtenstein.

The certificate is available in national language and English. Citizen can obtain a digital or paper version, which will both consist of a QR code that contains basic information include name, date of birth, date of issuance, vaccine/test/recovery information and a unique identifier, as well as a digital signature, verified via EU Gateway.

When will the EU digital COVID certificate take effect?

The EU Digital COVID Certificate Regulation will officially take effect on 1st July 2021. Nowadays, many European countries include Italy, France, Germany, etc have announced respectively local health pass and made it mandatory to show for access to travel or enter public places. If any member state is not ready to issue certificates, there is a six-week phasing-in period whilst other formats can still be used and should be accepted in other EU countries as well.

Why EU digital COVID certificate is important?

?Necessity: It is still a long way to fight against the COVID-19, especially the Delta variant is spreading rapidly among unvaccinated populations. Checking individual vaccination is necessary to ensure public health, boost cross-border businesses and tourism development.?
?Convenience: The certificate makes it easier for people to travel or enter public places and prove their health credential by showing the digital QR code.
?Reliability: The certificate contains a QR code with a digital signature to protect it against falsification. There is a reliable and speedy verification procedure to scan the QR code and verify the signature.
?Security: Each issuing body (hospital, test center, health authority) has its own digital signature key to allow data are stored in a secure database in each country. And the data remains on the certificate will not be stored or retained whist verifying the QR code or with human check.

How to verify the EU digital COVID certificate?

As the QR code is the mainly format of the digital COVID certificate, thus the point to verify the certificate lies in scanning and decoding the inbuilt information of the QR code. Guided by the successful experience of health code solution in China, Telpo -s its QR code scanning and decoding technology and launch a series of digital COVID certificate scanner in response to verify individual digital certificate.?

Step one: Place the digital QR code in front of the digital certificate scanner
Step two: The digital certificate scanner will automatic scan and decoding the QR code
Step three: Display the verification result (vaccine/test/recovery information) at the screen along with voice broadcast and indicator light (red for no entry, green for safe entry)

What digital COVID certificate scanners are available?

Considering different scenes usage demands, we can provide handheld, desktop, gate, stand-alone such types of digital certificate verification devices. On the basis of digital or paper QR code recognition, face recognition, mask detection, temperature screening, voice broadcast, multi-language and other functions are also available.

Handheld Verification Terminal TPS360
?Fast scanning digital certificate with voice broadcast
?Support ID card & driver license & passport identification
?Paperless + visualization + cloud platform management
?APK on Google Play can be used directly, without secondary development

Digital QR Code Scanner TPS508
?Automatic scanning QR code in a fast speed
?Screen+ voice+ indicator light triple present certificate information
?Support verification result printing
?NFC card reading is available

Contactless Verification Device TPS530
?5-inch display with rich ports
?QR code hard decoding or OCR camera ensures superfast recognition
?Voice prompt +indicator light supported
?Support 4G,WIFI,GPS

Digital Certificate Scanner F6
?Android 9.0 OS supports secondary development.
?Screen+ voice+ indicator light triple remind certificate status
?Face recognition+ mask detection+ QR code scanning+ SIP Voice intercom+ fingerprint recognition +FRID card reading
?IP66 waterproof and dustproof

QR Code &Temperature Screening Terminal TPS950T
?Android 8 OS +Octa-core processor+ large memory
?Contactless temperature screening+ mask detection+ face recognition+ high temperature alarm+ QR code scanning+ RFID card reading
?Screen+ voice+ indicator light triple remind certificate status
?Online and offline access control and attendance management system

Nowadays, Telpo digital COVID certificate scanners have widely used at the vaccinated places include communities, hospitals, healthcare center, etc, which gained strong recognition and praise. If you want to know more details, welcome to contact us.

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