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New Product| Telpo Fixed Focus Bullet Camera V60
Source: Telpo
Smart security plays a significant part in the information era. In response to market demand, Telpo launched a fixed focus bullet camera V60. In virtue of contactless, senseless, real-time, and so on advantages, it able to provide a convenient and safe image collection and monitoring experience.

High-level Configuration

We adopt high-performance AI vision processor RV1109 with 1.2 Tops NPU and Linux system, making computing power stronger, algorithm optimized and operating efficiency improved. With the help of multi-stage noise reductions, 3F HDR, Smart AE intelligent automatic exposure, AWB white balance, and distortion correction technology, machine function is greatly optimized.

Multi-person Face Detection

In virtue of cutting-edge AI face algorithm, ONVIF protocol compatibility, V60 able to detect, track, and quickly captures face information is available. What makes it better, up to 22 faces can be tracked simultaneously.

All-weather Monitoring

Utilizing 200W pixel camera, maximum WDR 120dB, 3DDNR, minimum illumination 0.001Lux, ICR infrared filter automatic day-night conversion, V60 can minimize light brightness difference, clearly take monitoring video or photos even in backlight environment, as so to achieve all-weather monitoring.

Fast Transmission Speed

H.264 video encoding, with ultra-high data compression ratio, ensures high quality and smooth image. Under the same image quality condition, H.264 compression ratio is more than 2 times that of MPEG-2, 1.5-2 times that of MPEG-4, greatly saving the download time. The stronger Network compatibility makes it suitable for all kinds of transmission networks
Stable Power Supply

Support POE (Power Over Ethernet), one network cable can supply power and video signal transmission, without complex power wiring. In this way, V60 looks more beautiful and simple with a high safety factor. As it can be flexible deployment, it is convenient for maintenance and further reduce cost. Besides, DC12V is optional.

Strong Scene Expansion

Designed to meet safety demand, V60 comes with 3 different lens versions (6/8/12mm). Generally speaking, the larger the focal length, the smaller the field angle and longer monitoring distance.

With IP66 waterproof and dustproof, V60 has access to various shooting needs indoor and outdoor. It is suitable to be used in offices, villas, parking lots, banks, shops, restaurants, hotels, schools, hospitals, and other scenes.

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