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California Opens Digital Vaccine Record Code, How To Accelerate Vaccine Verification?
Source: Telpo
Driven by the urgent of popularizing vaccination, worldwide countries leave no stone unturned and require citizens to show proof of vaccination as a requirement for entry public places. Recently, the California announced to open its digital vaccine record code to make other states deploy and accelerate the progress.

California’s digital COVID-19 vaccine pass took effect on June, which was built based on the SMART Health Card, an open-source framework. It allows vaccinated citizens to check their records and download them, along with a QR code that can be scanned to confirm the information.

As California published the source code of its digital vaccine record system, any state is able to take the code, connect it to his own back end and generate digital vaccine records for their citizens if require. Although it would not be plug and play, but it will still take positive effect on reducing other states development time.
Honestly speaking, deploying the digital vaccine recode system is the part of storing residents’ vaccination information. However, the vaccine pass scanner is the one that can verify and guarantee the accuracy of digital vaccine pass.
Driven by the motivation of fast and safe verify the digital vaccine pass accuracy, Telpo developed a series of digital vaccine verification devices. Taking different scenes-based demands into consideration, we rolled out various kinds of devices for selection.
Desktop Vaccine Pass Scanner TPS508
?Automatic and contactless QR code verification
?Screen+ voice+ indicator light triple remind vaccination status
?Timely print verification proof
?Synchronously upload personal health information.??
Floor-stand Vaccine Pass Scanner TPS950
?Android 8 OS +Octa-core processor+ large memory
?Contactless temperature screening+ mask detection+ face recognition+ high temperature alarm+ QR code scanning+ NFC card reading?
?Screen+ voice+ indicator light triple remind certificate status
?Online and offline access control and attendance management system
Multi-functional Vaccine Pass Scanner TPS980
?Android OS +high performance chip+ large memory
?Contactless thermometry+ mask detection + face recognition+ email alert.
?Contactless temperature screening+ mask detection+ face recognition+ high temperature alarm+ QR code scanning+ RFID card reading?
?Screen+ voice+ indicator light triple remind vaccination status
?Online &offline access control, attendance, visitor registration management system
Superior Vaccine Pass Scanner F8
?Linux OS & Android OS alternative+ cutting-edge AI vision processor
?IR+VL face recognition+ superb anti-fake performance
?Support face / QR code/ NFC&FRID card/ SIP video intercom
?Suitable for indoor and outdoor scene with IP65 rating
?Rich brackets and interfaces for flexible deployment
Large Screen Vaccine Pass Scanner F10
?10-inch big display+ Android 9 system+ Qualcomm CPU
?Wide dynamic single-lens /dual-lens (RGB and IR) camera
?QR code scanning + HID card reading+ face recognition+ mask detection
?Single/Multi-person temperature measurement (optional)
?Support GDPR, IP66 waterproof and dustproof
How does the scanner verify the digital vaccine code?
As the digital record system allows residents to gain a digital copy of their Covid-19 vaccination record via their Android or iOS device, thus they can easily find their exclusive QR codes. When people enter the detection area and show his digital vaccine record, the machine will activate QR code technology and decode the code in no more than a second.

The digital vaccine code verification process is simple. Details are as follows:
?Step one: Place the digital QR code in front of the scanner
?Step two: The scanner will automatic scan and decoding the QR code
?Step three: Display the verification result (vaccine/test/recovery information) at the screen along with voice broadcast and indicator light (red for no entry, green for safe entry)

As the scanned data will be matched with the approved database, thus individual’ identity, COVID-19 test result, and vaccination or immunization details can be accurately validated. Importantly, Telpo digital vaccine verification devices are in line with GDPR compliant framework, which elevate individual information security to some extent.

With the open digital vaccine record code and vaccine pass scanner, the efficiency and accuracy of vaccination can be ensured. In addition, timely vaccination data upload is available to achieve data sharing and traceability.

Nowadays, Telpo digital vaccine verification devices have widely used at the places make vaccination include communities, hospitals, healthcare center and so on. If you want to know more details, welcome to contact us.
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