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Smart Cash Register Helps Retail Online and Offline Management
Source: Telpo
Facing with lockdown policy and store closure, consumers gradually turn their eyes to online and mobile shopping to purchase groceries, daily necessities and other products. Among them, a huge amount of people adopted online shopping for the first time, a report revealed it.

There is no doubt that shopping ways will influence and transform consumer payment methods. Contactless payments received an unprecedented boost during the pandemic due to consumers treat it as a cleaner way to pay in-store. As a result, it is necessary to connect online and offline (OAO) management if retail stores hope to survive and resume normal operation.

People might think that how could seamlessly connect online and offline (OAO) management? Is there any amazing way or product that could make it out?

Fortunately, the current smart cash register can help retail stores create customer and member databases, manage sales, and member marketing. As smart cash register and corresponding software can integrate online and offline sales channels, it is possible to standardize such platforms as supply chain, sales, inventory, logistics, and online and offline marketing, and achieve seamless connect online and offline management.

It is worth mentioning that the smart cash register even enables multiple contactless payment methods, which perfectly satisfy customer’s requirements of a cleaner payment way and expand more scenarios. Telpo smart cash register TPS680 could be an example, which supports NFC payment, QR code payment, and face payment. Its rich external ports enable it free access to equipment like scanning box, receipt printer, and so on, making customers enjoy more interaction and unique contactless payment experience.

In addition, Telpo smart cash register owns an independently developed Telpo cloud platform, which assists retail store owners to remotely understand and supervise the sales data and observe store operation. External applications can be added to the cash smart register pursuant to business operations, which will better improve customers' shopping interest.

The only way to reduce retail store loss and realize new success is to adopt connect online and offline management, seizing the new trend and solve the pain points of customers.
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