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How To Protect and Simplify NIN Registration Amid Second Wave of Pandemic?
Source: Telpo
For the sake of developing the identity eco-system and harmonizing all identity-related databases, citizens are mandated to use National Identification Number (NIN) and require linking it with their SIM cards.

It was reported that SIM without NIN are to be blocked from the networks. However, consumers can buy SIM cards from retail outlets without registering their individual information in the past. That means they should provide valid personal information to conduct NIN registration and then - their SIM registration records.

As the second wave of the COVID-19 is still approaching, large crowd besieged enrolment centers will undoubtedly increase the risk of infection. Therefore, it is necessary for the NIN enrolment centers to protect and simplify the NIN registration so as to guarantee both staffs and applicants’ health and safe.

Besides the “Booking System” adopted by The National Identity Management Commission (NIMC) recently, Telpo also able to provide another two methods to protect and simplify the NIN registration process.

Seamless temperature screening is the health security measure Telpo could provide. As enrolment centres belong to the crowed places that easily to become infection route, thus preliminary temperature screening at the entrance is an effective way to ensure the health status and reduce infection risk of all applicants.

Inspired by detecting multi-person temperature at the same time and increase passage efficiency, Telpo developed multi-person temperature screening device TPS980G. Equipped with advanced temperature and masks detection module, Telpo TPS980G can support 3-4 people synchronously dynamic temperature screening and mask detection at a far distance.

Once fever person is detected, high temperature alarm mode will be activated and upload relevant information to platform, assisting staff to quickly find out and recheck the suspected patients. Besides, administrators can uniformly manage temperature data at the platform, which is reliable to trace back relevant contact person and stop potential spread of pandemic.

Quicker biometric capturing is what Telpo able to offer so as to simplifying the NIN registration process. Capturing valid personal information is the prerequisite for NIN registration, while biometrics with its unique and unforgeable feature is the best way to ensure the reality of individual identity. And Telpo S10 is the NIN registration device specific designed for NIN registration.

In virtue of Lighting Emitting Sensor (LES) technology and excellent image resolution of 500 DPI, the FAP 60 Fingerprint Scanner (4-4-2) with FBI able to capture fingerprint under direct sunlight and upload relevant information to the platform through wireless communication timely. Powerful dual camera, NFC/RFID reader, IC card reader, iris scanner and MRZ scanner (optional) are conducive to enrolling more detail information.

Furthermore, the NIN registration device S10 comes with a high volume 10000 mAh battery and allows charge with solar so as to ensure constantly working during NIN registration process. The 80 mm printer allows individual to obtain their authentication credentials in real time, which will undoubtedly improve their satisfaction on the NIN enrolment centers.

With 22 years of excellent biometric technology and rich project experience, Telpo has provided worldwide countries a series of identity information collection solutions such as NIN registration, voter verification, election, criminal identification, border control, etc. If you’re interested at it, welcome to contact us.

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