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Telpo Facial Recognition Terminal Presented In Beijing Winter Olympics
Source: Telpo
At the closing ceremony of the 24th Winter Olympic Games, the president of the International Olympic Committee (IOC) described the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympic Games as an unparalleled Olympic. Admittedly, everyone was impressed by the comfortable living environment, professional competition venues, delicious food, warm and courteous volunteers, and amazing technology.

You can see high-speed and high-definition smart cameras, contactless face recognition identity identification terminals, and different AI robots during the Olympic period, which embody China's technological level and application capability.

It was reported that some restaurants and hotels in the Winter Olympic Village adopted AI robots for contactless delivery in a bid to reduce human contact and ensure a safe environment. It has attracted many athletes to take photos or videos and shared them on social platforms. Undoubtedly, the AI robots with 24-hour contactless and constant working characteristics can effectively reduce cross-contact among people, decline the probability of virus transmission, and deliver more intelligent and efficient services.

Apart from contactless delivery, epidemic prevention and control like temperature screening and identity verification are also conducted scientifically. There were a variety of temperature screening kiosks and facial recognition terminals in the Winter Olympic Village. Athletes can achieve touch-free and contactless identity verification by simply scanning their faces, even though they wear masks.

Just like what Shaun Roger White, a famous and professional snowboarder, and skateboarder, shared in the video he took at the Winter Olympic Village. In the video, he showed that his identity was accurately and rapidly verified by the facial recognition terminal after he stood in front of the machine for seconds without showing any personal information. The camera of the facial recognition terminal just scanned his face and then recognized his identity even though he had worn the mask and then allow him to enter the venue.

It is worth mentioning that Telpo facial recognition terminal TPS980 can also be seen at the Beijing Winter Olympics stadium. Telpo facial recognition terminal TPS980 can support touch-free temperature screening, contactless face recognition, high-temperature alarm, multi-language, mask detection, voice broadcast, and other functions.

In virtue of the advanced face recognition model, the facial recognition terminal elevates the face visible area ratio and enhances local features. The eye feature model allows it to make the comparison between eye features and solves the face recognition difficulty with large area occlusion. Therefore, Telpo TPS980 can support face collection, face comparison, face recognition, identity verification, liveness detection, mask detection, and other functions.

Given that, the facial recognition terminal can achieve quickly contactless identity verification, temperature screening, and smart access management in the Winter Olympics venues, which is good to reduce virus transmission, deliver a more convenient and efficient access experience.

As a high social responsibility company, it is Telpo’s honor to contribute its technology power for the Winter Olympics. In the future, Telpo will stick at market-driven and constantly improve its R&D ability to roll out more productive and reliable products to convenient people’s daily life.

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