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Health Verification Scanner Assist High-efficient Authenticate Digital COVID Health Pass
Source: Telpo
Health Verification Scanner Assist High-efficient Authenticate Digital COVID Health Pass

Germany is trying to roll out its digital vaccine certificate “CovPass” by the end of June, making it easier to prove that a person has been fully got vaccination against the COVID-19, German Health Minister Jens Spahn said.

It was reported that vaccinated people should receive a piece of paper with a code that they scan onto their smartphone and onto an app, transferring it to a digital COVID health pass. Results of Covid-19 tests or proof of recovery from coronavirus can also be stored on the CovPass app. And the digital health pass is available alongside Germany's traditional yellow paper vaccination booklet.

German such action can be treated as the response to the suggestion that the European Commission advocated countries would launch a digital health record – now called the EU Digital Covid Certificate, to make travel easier and safer, and boost the economies of tourism-dependent nations at the beginning of the year.

In fact, digital COVID health pass have already widely used in China as the proof of vaccination and health status. As the product-orient and market-driven company, Telpo launched a series of health verification scanner to help vaccination traceability and efficient identification.

Combining advanced ID card reading and professional QR code scanning technology, the health verification scanner can quickly verify the vaccinator’s identification, health code information and vaccination status. Efficient, accurate, and safe vaccination information could be confirmed.

People can choose place their ID cards at the card reader or display the digital health pass before the scanner. Then, the health verification scanner will automatic activate, read ID card information or scan and decode the QR code. Data will be uploaded and compared with the relative approved database. The verification result will be displayed at the screen along with voice broadcast and different interface colors. (Green means safe, yellow or orange means warn, red means danger).

With the feature of contactless, high-efficient and data sharing and traceability, Telpo health verification scanners have widely used at the places make vaccination include communities, hospitals, healthcare center and so on. If you want to know more details, welcome to contact us.

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