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The Advantages of TVI and IP (2)

Followed by last article, we continue to discuss today.
Why HD-SDI lost: installation comparison of 16 Ccannel HD systems:
LS Vision HD Systems: Easy
Notice how all the cameras plug into the NVR? This means that all the cameras will auto-configure and be powered by the NVR. There's no need to know how to set IP address or do any networking setup.?
Plug in the one wire and it works.

Analog, CVI, TVI, and HD-SDI: Difficult
Notice how these systems requires an electrician's help? Power distribution boxes are complicated and have exposed wires. You can use power plugs for each camera, but that's gets cluttered and may not have any protection from power surges.

The only real benefit that HD-SDI had was that you didn't have to rewire if you had already run BNC cable.

HD-SDI is all but dead for respectable companies, because the main benefit of HD-SDI ("You don't have to rewire!") ended up not being entirely truthful. HD-SDI is really fussy about cabling, which meant a lot of people had to re-run the cable anyway because of small nicks, kinks, or other unknown issues with the line. This often meant that you really did have to replace your old cable.

And this is where you can stop if you are asking "What format should I use for a new installation?"?IP cameras won the format war- that is undisputed.?IP cameras are the better technology. They are easier to setup, don't require an electrician's help to install, don't deal with low voltage power boxes, and are as easy to plug in as a phone line. Additionally, while the three HD-over-analog technologies HD-SDI, AHD, CVI, or TVI are finally catching up to 3MPP resolution, the price point on 4k IP cameras (4,096 x 2,304) should begin to be very reasonable by 2016.
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