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Thermal camera (1)

At last month, CPSE was held in Beijing. Thermal camera was showed there, got great popularity. So LS Vision company wants to make short explanation here. Hope both of us can help group up each other. A?thermal camera?(also called an?infrared camera?or?thermal imaging camera) is a device that forms an image using?infrared radiation, similar to a common?camera?that forms an image using?visiblelight. It is called?thermography.

Our eyes work by seeing contrast between objects that are illuminated by either the sun or another form of light. ?How?thermal cameras?work is by?“seeing” heat energy from objects. ?All objects – living or not – have heat energy that thermal cameras use to detect an image. This is why thermal cameras can operate at all times, even in complete darkness.

Because thermal cameras work by?“seeing” heat rather than reflected light, thermal images look very different than what’s seen by a visible camera or the eye. ?In order to present heat in a format appropriate for human vision, thermal cameras convert the temperature of objects into shades of gray which are darker or lighter than the background.?On a cold day a person stands out as lighter because they are hotter than the background.?On a hot day a person stands out as darker because they are cooler than the background. More information about thermal camera will be -d soon.
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