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Video Surveillance Trends

The security industry is ever-changing, following the technology of VR, Video Surveillance market will be great challenge by growing of the technology, more change and innovation than in the world of video surveillance. From advanced multi-directional cameras to intelligent systems and other emerging technology, today’s video surveillance industry is poised to take IP cameras to the next level.

Here, we look at six emerging trends in video surveillance, and how this technology is helping to address a host of security issues.

Advanced 360-degree Camera Technology

Today’s 360-degree and multi-dimensional camera technology provides much larger coverage areas than narrow field-of-view cameras. Multi-lens 360-degree cameras contain multiple lenses in one unit and stitch the images together to create a full, inclusive image. Single-lens “fish eye” cameras offer a full 360-degree view that can be “dewarped” in live or retrospective mode to get more detail in any part of the image.

With higher resolutions and more efficient dewarping/stitching technologies, these omnidirectional cameras will soon replace the standard pan-tilt-zoom (PTZ) cameras being widely used now. The 360-degree camera technology also allows for full situational awareness with just one camera, which means that users may be able to use fewer cameras and reduce cost.
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