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The Advantages of Installing Dome Security Cameras

Different types of security cameras are available, for installing them indoor or outdoor. Some cameras are dome like in shape, therefore, they are known as?Dome?Security Camera. These cameras are generally used for security surveillance in casinos, restaurants, stores, home or business, etc.

These are the commonly used, as they are good looking, and easily fit in the interiors that they have been installed.?

Types of dome security cameras:
The camera can be used in recording video footage at night also, as they have infrared technology, then you choose the?IR Dome?Camera. If the place where the camera will be installed can be tampered or caused any harm due to vandalism, then there is a provision of installing armor dome camera, which cannot be tampered with. Generally the outdoor surveillance cameras should be waterproof and vandal-proof.

If you want the Dome Security Camera to focus automatically to where you want the lens to focus, then there is another type of dome camera which is known as varifocal camera. So, by this using this camera, you can adjust the focal lens of the camera to wherever you want. Another type of camera is there, where you will find a combination of all the features, and this is known as CCTV Camera Pros.

If you want the camera to pan and tilt rotation, the?PTZ Dome?camera is the good choice. These are cameras that can be controlled through the?DVR, or a joystick keyboard controller. They can go up, down, left, and right. They also have zoom capability.
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