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LS VISION Body Worn Camera Features

1. Reliable:The system should adopt mature and reliable massive data processing platform and technology, with storage and computing node fault detection and recovery fault-tolerant processing power, to ensure that there is no system paralysis and data error phenomenon.

2. High applicability: the system architecture with high applicability, to ensure that the application system in the future when the scale can be increased at any time to increase the node to expand the system's data storage capacity and computing power; and in the case of non-stop nodes to To ensure the continuity of application services.

3. High Availability: The storage node uses a common commercial server on the market, any node damage are easy to replace and maintain;

4. Cost-effective: The price is not high common server and storage, distributed computing platform through the parallel computing power can be a very high price.

5. Practical: Stable storage and computing support platform provides high-capacity, high-performance data storage, analysis and statistical query capabilities; using a dedicated import equipment and PC import combination to meet the actual needs.

6. Open: law enforcement supervision platform using standardized interfaces and open protocols, can access various types of collection workstations, while the collection workstation supports up to 16 road of various types of law enforcement recorder equipment access;

7. Large capacity: to provide PB-class data storage capacity to meet the massive data storage and large-scale data access.

8. High performance: The program can provide a linear proportional to the number of nodes and the performance, suitable for large data volume, large concurrency requirements.
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