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Road camera Category

In the modern intelligent transportation construction, highway monitoring system has been very common, perhaps you think they all look about the same field, in fact, they are also different, in different locations, the functional role is different. So now I have to explain what kinds of high-speed camera, what their function is, many owners want to give help.

First, electronic police, electronic police camera is usually installed at the crossroads, is used to monitor vehicle violations. Such as running red lights, illegal lane change, retrograde, compaction lines, and it is not to capture any traffic violations when prompted. Usually this type of camera comes with a LED fill light, capture your rear record violations.

Second, security mount camcorder, when people drive through this camera will often find that no matter how fast the speed camera flash, in fact, encountered such a situation is not with panic. Department staff whose main role is to access vehicles and personnel monitoring, investigation of suspicious vehicle screening clues to help track down the Interpol and other people involved. Mount cameras are generally high-definition cameras, higher resolution, it is possible to take a clear face, so it is best not to be discharged to such cameras.

Third, surveillance cameras, these cameras have a spherical, cylindrical. It is mainly used to capture illegal parking, retrograde, illegal lane change. Mounted on the main roads and highways is prohibited parking. It can zoom, can usually be seen within the range of 200M.

Fourth, traffic monitoring cameras, road traffic statistics by definition is used, does not capture any wrongdoing, generally installed at a higher point, a large wide-angle lens, it is possible to observe a very long road. We often see traffic presenters play in the road traffic volume screen TV, this is the real-time traffic monitoring camera screen.

The above is classified road monitoring camera, so that we understand the function and role of these cameras, not to let everyone find ways to escape, but to remind everyone must standardize driving. On the road there are a variety of "eyes" staring at you, for your own and the safety of others, please be safe and civilized driving.
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