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Camera selection and use of the environment

As human development, social progress, more and more cities, towns were building up. There will be more places to watch, but people can not work 24 hours, so we have to use the machine - instead of our cameras.

Here I will introduce what circumstances what camera, I hope we can bring help.

Use of the environment is generally divided into civil, two aspects of the public.

Requested the civil camera are generally not very high-level civilian ,, general definition camera is 420 lines, 480 lines 520 lines, 600 lines, 700 lines in the majority, the more lines, the more clear. Line number represents the camera's resolution, the number of horizontal scan lines on the monitor. General more than 600 lines for HD video camera. Overall general use dome cameras and gun cameras, lenses and general use 3.6MM 4MM wide-angle lens, that is, according to the range is wide, which is relatively large range of horizontal plane.

Environmental monitoring cameras from the general public far, the lens generally choose 6,8MM lens, the greater the distance, the width will be reduced, so the installation position to choose the right. Clarity generally choose high-definition camera, a photosensitive good, and high resolution. In a public environment, usually to inclement weather, so the camera can be material to resist heat, cold, wind, rain, snow and other harsh environments.

The above is a brief introduction, under the circumstances should be based on the actual situation to make better choices.
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