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LSVISION 360-degree panoramic camera evaluation

LSVISION brand launched a new 360-degree panoramic camera, allowing you to experience 360-degree dead-end monitor screen. This camera is based on 5 mosaic 360-degree panoramic sensor that supports digital horizontal rotation / vertical rotation / zoom view and other functions. Lens.There are industrial-grade high-quality optical lens, to better focus and imaging.
The camera pixels up to 25 million pixels, the industry-leading level. Refresh rate of 30 frames per second, then someone will ask, the higher the quality of the recorded picture will require a larger storage space. This point you do not have to worry about, this camera uses H.265 / H.264 high compression technology, can greatly compress the space, if you are not clear enough, we come to know about H.265 technology.
H.265, also known as HEVC (High Efficieny Video Coding), is a new generation of video compression standards jointly developed by the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) and the ITU, and is mainly used for HDTV and video codec systems. The goal of H.265 is to improve the coding efficiency by 50% compared with H.264. That is, under the same image quality condition, the target bit rate drops to 50% of H.264, and the bandwidth is only half the original. High-definition video surveillance in the security is popular, but also brought storage costs and space of the sharp rise. Compared with the H.264 encoding technology currently in use, H.265 high compression ratio can save about half of the storage space, thus significantly reducing the video storage costs.
The camera ICR IR filter loading automatically switches to achieve monitoring of day and night, to 24-hour all-round monitoring. In the application environment, able to adapt to a variety of different temperatures and outdoor weather. In the camera security protection using IP66 level of water, dust, IK10 riot-level design, so you worry-free throughout the whole, greatly reducing maintenance costs.
Whether in product quality or application environment, LSVISION 360 degree panoramic camera is to allow users more satisfied with the products to meet the needs of users, I believe this camera will have a very good market.
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