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Thermal camera (2)

In this article, we continue to introduce the thermal camera. It is less sensitive to problems with light conditions, such as shadows, back light, darkness and even camouflaged objects; and delivers images that allow operators to detect and act on suspicious activity – 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Thermal cameras are excellent for detecting people, objects. Thermal cameras do not, however, deliver images that allow reliable identification – that is why thermal cameras and conventional cameras complement and support each other in a surveillance installation.

Lack of image clarity can reduce security effectiveness. Security personnel who have to view blurry, undefined video even on a single monitor can become confused by images that are not as intuitive as they would be with daylight cameras, while on-board video analytic will have a more difficult time detecting intruders.

Thermal cameras can handle many difficult weather conditions better than conventional cameras, e.g. allowing operators to see through smoke, haze and dust. Thermal cameras typically also provide better accuracy in intelligent video applications.

Thermal images are normally?gray in nature: black objects are cold, white objects are hot and the depth of gray indicates variations between the two. Some thermal cameras, however, add color to images to help users identify objects at different temperatures.

LS Vision, middle-high-end CCTV supplier will release thermal camera soon.
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