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IP Cameras VS Analog Cameras

Home and business have always been a big issue, gaining more and more concerns. Therefore a wide range of video surveillance cameras has been used to catch burglars, deter criminals, monitor and protect families, etc. To suit different domestic and business requirements, these surveillance cameras have been evolved into 4 main types recently, namely, IP cameras, analog cameras, CCTV cameras and baby monitors.

At first, IP and analog cameras may seem more alike than they are different. Both cameras employ an analog image sensor, which is either CCD (charge coupled device) or CMOS (complementary metal oxide semiconductor). Virtually, all analog cameras use a CCD sensor and IP cameras can utilize either type. The analog signal from the sensor is then converted to digital form by an analog-to-digital converter and further processed by the camera’s onboard digital circuitry (DSP).

Before deciding on IP cameras versus analog, it is advisable to first understand how the technologies work. The differences in both camera technologies and method of video transmission are critical to developing a well planned CCTV solution. It should be noted as manufacturers of both IP and analog cameras, DVRs and NVRs, I have no bias. While the opinions may not be "popular" they are just a statement of facts. It is not a matter of either or, rather use each camera appropriately as needed. They both have their place.
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