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Is the 4MP H.265 IP Camera really worth trying?

Let me Introduce next generation video compression technology – H.265/HEVC. From H.265 whitepaper, by utilizing the H.265 compression, the file size of video stream can reduce 50%, consequently save 50% network bandwidth and video storage space. Although H.265 seems so promising, the H.265 video stream still can't be supported by current web browsers and multimedia players. In order to test the H.265 IP camera, we mounted a 2MP H.265 camera in the DSLR camera tripod, then we accessed the camera through its web interface. IP Cameras is mounted on a Tripod,After switching the default H.264 video compression to H.265, the video previewing and replaying encounter distortion problem on its web interface. Although VLC media player can recognize and play the H.265 video files, they can't be decoded correctly, that means you have to use the H.265 network video recorders to record and decode the H.265/HEVC video from security network cameras.

LS VISION 4MP IP camera should deliver the video stream with real-time fps, that's 25fps (PAL) / 30fps (NTSC). FPS is mainly determined by the encoding capability from the encoding processor. Hi3516D offers maximum 3MP@30fps or 5MP@15fps video encoding capability, while Hi3516A offers 5MP@30fps. So, a camera that delivers 4MP@25/30fps video is better than a camera only delivers 4MP@20/15fps. However, you may notice many current 4MP IP cameras don't deliver real-time 4MP resolution. Video playing at 30fps, 20fps, 15fps, people can't notice the difference (unless slow down the video). Replaying and recording between 15 and 20 frames per second is very common. This is because very little quality is lost. When you carefully read the specification of Dahua/Hikvision 4MP IP Cameras, you may realize these cameras produce 4MP@20fps / 3MP@25/30fps video.
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