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What would happen if the security cameras suck in a Bank?

We all know that every bank installed the security cameras, but we do not know what the quality of the camera, the news below will let you know how bad is if the security cameras suck in a bank.

A bank robber has been plaguing the San Francisco area in recent months. He’s robbed a dozen banks and stolen thousands of dollars. They posted security photos on the local news last night hoping that some member of the public might be able to identify the man.

Trouble is, all the banks only have two or three low-resolution, black and white images that are so blurry the police can’t even be sure if he has tattoos on his arms or not. The photos of Patty Hearst (above) taking part in a bank robbery in 1974 are better quality than the ones they have of this guy!

And it’s not just one bank with cheap security cameras – he’s robbed a dozen different banks and not one of them took any good photos.

We’ve all seen security camera photos on the news and most of them are pretty pathetic. The best security videos I’ve seen are from cameras mounted in people’s homes – cameras they purchased at a local electronics store.

Now we can know how it is important for the security cameras with good quality. Our company prospect is to be the first-class security products supplier, we hope all the users also can focus on the cameras quality , not just on the price.
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