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5 Things you should know about IP camera

Years ago, if you wanted to conduct video surveillance for your home or business, you’d have to invest in closed-circuit analog cameras. While such systems certainly did what they were advertised to do — i.e., record video images of whatever a camera is pointed at — technology has evolved tremendously since such cameras were first released.

While many businesses still use analog cameras today, ostensibly because they’ve already invested in them and don’t want to fork over any money upgrading their systems, businesses and homeowners who are looking to add surveillance to their properties are increasingly turning toward IP cameras, those which can be remotely managed via the Internet.

When IP cameras are installed, you’re able to access video feeds from any configured connected device. No matter where you are, you’re able to see what’s going on outside or inside the properties you’ve installed the cameras on. That sure beats having to be in the control room of an analog system to take a look at the footage.

If you’re wondering whether to grab an analog video surveillance system or an IP camera system — or if you’re considering upgrading your existing security system cameras — consider these five facts that’ll help make your decision easier:

1. They Can Stream to Your Television

Why watch something on your mobile device if you’re sitting on your couch? Because they’re connected to the Internet, IP cameras are much more versatile than their predecessors.

After installing your IP cameras, you’ll be able to access video feeds from any connected device, including your television. Believe it or not, there’s a free app, tinyCam Monitor, that allows you to digest all live streaming content right on your television — something that’s perfect for new parents, giving them peace of mind while at the same time letting them relax.

2. They’re Insanely Customizable

Once you’ve made the decision to buy an IP camera, you’re going to have to make about 100 subsequent decisions. Well, not exactly, but IP cameras are extremely flexible by design, so you’re almost guaranteed to find the exact set that meets your specifications.

Prior to making a purchase, you need to consider what resolution you want your cameras to shoot in, whether you want a wired system or a wireless one, and if you prefer fixed cameras, i.e. those that focus on one location, or PTZ cameras you can remotely move around.

3. They Give You the Best Detail

Think Internet-based video is choppy? Think again!

IP cameras provide operators with a crazy level of detail that simply can’t be matched by closed-circuit systems. Because they are digital, they capture video in pixels, similar to the way your phone captures photos. As such, you’re able to zoom in considerably, uncovering smaller objects like license plates and faces with ease. Analog cameras don’t come close to replicating the level of detail provided by IP cameras.

4. They’re Extremely Easy to Use

With plug-and-play functionality, today’s IP cameras are intuitive by design. Once the system’s properly configured, most folks who know their way around a computer at least a little bit will have no problem operating the system.

5. They’re Future-Proofed

Because your system is Internet-based, updating your IP camera system is easier than you can imagine. Just like your laptop or smartphone -s itself, so too will your IP camera system.

While it’s true technology will evolve and camera resolution will become even better, by going with the best resolution available on the market today, which is really pretty solid, chances are you won’t have to worry about making any changes to your camera system any time soon. So consider IP cameras a one-time investment you’ll be able to enjoy for years, if not decades, to come.

IP cameras probably sound pretty darned good right about now, don’t they?
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