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LS VISION Saturn S1 star camera evaluation

LS VISION brand under the Saturn S1 star camera is a function of the hemisphere with infrared fixed lens camera. Saturn S1 star camera is equipped with a CMOS image sensor, the image sensor has the world's highest level of sensitivity. It captures high-resolution color images in low-light conditions of 0.005 lux, which is equivalent to lighting conditions in the absence of a moon or starry night. CMOS image sensor sensitivity of up to 2,350 mV (standard F5.6 case), to achieve about twice the sensitivity of traditional products in the industry's highest level. This excellent sensitivity is mainly due to the use of photodiode technology to improve the photoelectric conversion efficiency, and by installing the circuit to enhance the efficiency of the electronic conversion voltage.
S1 Star camera with H.264 / MJPEG compression format, MJPEG technology is motion still image processing. The motion of the video sequence as a continuous static image processing, this compression method completely separate compression of each frame, in the editing process can be stored every frame, can be accurate to the frame editing, in addition to M-JPEG compression And decompression are symmetric and can be implemented by the same hardware and software.
S1 Star camera pixels up to 192-1080, easy to record high-definition video, a fixed 3.6MM lens field of view of about 90 degrees, the best monitoring distance of 7-8 meters, suitable for a variety of office space and smaller public environment. S1 Starlight camera has an array of infrared light-emitting diodes, can be 10 meters infrared night vision. Different from the traditional LED infrared light, array infrared lamp is characterized by long service life, 2 to 3 years no significant attenuation of light, light uniformity, fine quality, high definition, can greatly enhance the night vision effect of the camera, while significantly reducing the number Video file size, save hard disk video recorder space.
It also has a sensitive alarm system, when the camera movement, tampering, network connection disconnected, abnormal storage will trigger the alarm system, so you keep abreast of the working state of the camera.
Saturn S1 Starlight Camera has many advanced technologies, please click here for details.
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