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LS VISION Body camera Advantages

We have been hearing in the news about the use of body cameras by police, fire fighters, emergency responder, law enforcement and government agencies the past few years. As the use of body camera technology continues to grow and the statistics start coming in, the evidence points to the many advantages to using body cameras versus relying on eye-witness accounts.

Time after time the use of body cameras capture the events as they happen. Body cameras are being used more and more in courtrooms as evidence to assist in deciding legal cases. Body cameras are also providing invaluable information to large agencies on employee performance and are being used in training staff.

The biggest positive outcome of using the body cameras has been the decrease in accusations and complaints against the agencies, along with a decrease in the use of force by those wearing the body cameras. Lawsuits and community grievances are both very costly to police, emergency responder, law enforcement and government agencies. Body cameras are bringing a significant decrease in these costs.

At the same time, LS VISION R&D a New Body camera with Best Ambarella Chipset.
LS VISION Law enforcement recorder VS Other company’s product with A7 chipset Advantages:

1.Ambarella A12 Chipset A12,28nm low power consumption(vs Ambarella A7 40nm technology),1080p 30/fps recording, (without 4G and GPS) Only 0.9W,Only A7 Chipset for 2/3 (The battery with same capacity will be add 50% recording time);

2.Only 3seconds will be enter the system,Linux system,Design resources within your reach,To meet customized needs;

3.New compression algorithm and bit rate control technology, image quality is same, The actual take up disk space VS A7 less 30%

4.Product performance and powerful,do not Crash,Don't need a reset button.

5.The Battery can works well at low-temperature environment. For the 4.2V 1950mAh Battery, There is another company test at police station, 1080p 30/fps recording test, normal temperature can recording 4 hours, At under 30℃ only recording 50 minutes, ES body camera recording time is 6.5 hours at normal temperature, At under 30℃ can recording with 4.5 hours

6.USB Flash driver Win8、Win10 with original official certification
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