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Skynet Project

Today, when i take the bus, I heard a very comforting news. A child traffickers in the area outside was taken away, the police immediately after the parents found that three hours after police in high-speed toll station to arrest the criminals and recover the child. Police recover so quickly but also thanks to the children now under construction Skynet project.

Skynet project refers to the city to meet the security needs of urban management and prevention, the use of GIS maps, image acquisition, transmission, control, display and other equipment and control software for fixed-area video monitoring and control system and the recorded information. Skynet project by roads, security mount, public gathering places, hotels, schools, hospitals and security complex places to install video surveillance equipment, private network using video, Internet, mobile and other network through a gatekeeper to a certain region All videos monitoring point image spread to the monitoring center (that is, "Skynet project" management platform), in criminal cases, public security cases, traffic violations, inspectors and other illegal images classified information, to strengthen the city's comprehensive management, prevention of crime and policing sudden disaster accident to provide reliable image data.

In the future Skynet project fully completed, it will play a huge role in it, the following main points:

1, through video surveillance system, the implementation of online visual security patrols, which currently patrol officers, patrol vehicles and other major means of patrol, compared with the efficiency and concealment, have a stronger deterrent. Video surveillance system recorded picture "historic reproduce" feature, to restore the real situation at that time, Direct locked the suspect, and provide evidence of a crime.

2, by installing a high-definition camera, facial features can be clearly photographed person action and vehicle track to help analyze the case. In some cases require months of waiting for the detection, image monitoring system can be used to help us carry out the months of waiting, that waiting to improve efficiency, but also reduce the intensity of police officers.

3, Skynet project not only in traffic management, security and the prevention and control of public security work in the criminal investigation can play a role in other aspects of public security work also has great value, large-scale activities such as security, guard duty, etc., can aid video surveillance systems to improve the efficiency and quality of the task is completed. While strengthening the internal management of the public security organs, public security organs duty law enforcement norms, there is a lot of useless.

I believe in the future with the gradual improvement Skynet project, the city will become a low crime rate, our cities will be more secure.
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