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How to choose IP cameras?

Nowadays,increasing numbers of enterprises and individuals begin installing surveillance cameras. However, if you go to a mall or suppliers of such cameras, you may see the long specification and various prices of the cameras.

In generally, the guard of enterprise needs HD network outdoor camera, if it is a kind of chemical plant factories and mines, also need to install riot device. The enterprise office like indoor ball camera, if thinking the pursuit of effect, also can use outdoor bullet camera, according to the distance to select different lens of the camera. If you need a night vision function select CMOS or CCD class camera. For home, only choose the function meet your needed.

For home, we use camera to protect our family safety, and can monitor our family too, when we are at office or on a business trip ect.

Function is not the more the better, suitable for us is important . The reason is very simple, the more functions, so its price is higher and higher, and some functions are not necessarily. For example,If the monitoring areas is small to you, so no need to use the zoom. Reasonable selection of these functions and parameters, is directly related to the cost of our buying .

Product parameter is not the higher the better. Here take an example, if you think a network camera resolution only 300000 pixels (image resolution is 640 * 480), it is a bad camera, you are wrong. Since the transmission network camera mainly depend on the network, if the camera resolution is too high, the data are too large too, and it is very difficult to transmit in time ect.

Why some products, high resolution, even up to 2000000 pixels (1600*1200)?

We can simplify the questions, these images are not only transmitted through the network,but also can be saved in the local staff such as using the storage card or connected with the computer or NVR while the products are working.
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