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Prospects for the development of civil security

Ten years ago, we went to a shop to see where the camera is installed, you will find an upscale place, it is a very safe place, and now we go to a shop to see there is no installation of cameras will feel this is not a safe place. From here you can see the sense of security of our citizens has greatly improved.

But from 2014, the output value of the security point of view of civil security accounted for only 6%, while the US civil security value reached more than 50% of GDP, about 10% of the world's civil security also. Security products while China's per capita expenditure is behind Europe and Japan and other developed countries. We can see that there is great potential civil security market.

Security industry is a collection of integrated application of a variety of industries, and has become the national economy "sunrise industry", which along with the development of China's economic situation presents its own development curve. Security industry has its particularity, the affected national policies more visible. The first half of 2015 ushered in the security market, a lot of good policy, in April 2015, the CPC Central Committee, the State Council also issued "on the strengthening of Social Security Protection System of opinions", and issued a notice requiring all regions actual departments to earnestly implement the same period by nine ministries jointly issued the "opinions on strengthening the construction of public security video surveillance networking applications work." These two views of the security industry as a whole, the latest macro-policy guidelines, has become the fast-growing security industry booster. Accompanied by frequent terrorist incidents abroad recently, I believe foreign civilian security market will further expand, the security industry as a whole is moving towards a new stage of development.

And with the big development of network infrastructure, in particular the substantial increase in basic broadband, 2M / 4M or more households have been relatively common, development and improvement of safety awareness, Development of civil video surveillance, current market conditions have gradually matured. In addition, the popularity of smart phones allow civilian security and even the development of intelligent home, have a real place to stay. 24 hours carry characteristics of smart phones and make it "close at hand around the house," became a reality.

I believe it can be seen from the above description of future civil security has great potential for development, there is even a company to civil security as a future focus of development, I believe that as long as the scientific and technological progress, and constantly develop new products, civil security will be rapid development.
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