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Ensure Evidence Admissibility with Effective Audit Trails
Source: Synectics
Global surveillance solutions business Synectics has released a comprehensive technical guidance paper to help local authorities better utilize their surveillance solutions to manage evidence efficiently and securely.

Although evidence gathering is a key objective for most surveillance solutions installed, the way evidence is handled is central to criminal, civil, and internal investigations. In fact, this is more important than the quality of video footage, particularly in criminal investigations.

The new technical guidance resource from Synectics explores the importance of effective Digital Evidence Management (DEM) and details clear, simple-to-follow best practice guidance for local authorities, organizations, and surveillance professionals.

Brett Longley, Technical Sales Manager, Synectics said: “Any anomalies in procedural activity can be devastating to a case. If a single action, time log, or staff detail is incorrect or inconsistent, the integrity of the evidence may be cast into doubt.

“The scale of surveillance solutions has grown exponentially beyond what is now known as traditional CCTV. The DEM framework captures the various types of data that are components of the audit trail. These include audio, operator notes, metadata, or text documents. Handling these different data sources makes effective management a complex job that requires intelligent systems, integration capability, and stringent procedures.

“To this end, we wanted to create a useful resource offering best practice guidance to help those responsible for protecting people, places, and assets ensure that evidence is captured, secured, and always deemed admissible.”

Interested parties can view the Synectics technical note on evidence gathering and management here:
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