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Synectics Solutions Achieve Top Grade Under BS EN 62676-4
Source: Synectics
Synectics’ end-to-end surveillance solutions meet the top grade requirements specified under BS EN62676-4.

The BS EN62676 series of standards have been introduced to aid specifiers, installers and end-users in their selection of video surveillance systems by grading solutions according to levels of functionality.

The new standards will be the first of their kind to be widely adopted in the UK.

Part 4 of the standards (BS EN62676-4) deals with suitability for specific applications, providing a detailed framework for those selecting and designing solutions. With these standards users may assess the surveillance technologies they are considering in relation to factors such as security, resiliency and image recording in specified conditions.

It also highlights grading considerations in relation to secure third party data sharing, for example with police and other emergency services.

Synectics solutions, with Synergy 3 command and control at the core, enable users to meet grade 4 requirements – the highest grade possible – making them suitable for mission critical sites for projects with demanding environmental conditions and stringent security needs.

Synectics’ Product and Technology Director, David Aindow, welcomes the standards and recognises their importance to the industry.

David said: “Synectics played a key role in the working group established by the BSIA to drive these standards through as we understand the vital importance of clear benchmarking when it comes to risk assessment, functionality, resilience and image reliability. Quite simply, the standards mean that non-expert end users can assess and confidently select the right solution for their specific project.

“To be able to demonstrate, to existing and potential customers, that our solutions meet the highest grade requirements specified in the framework is hugely valuable to us and the organisations we support. The standards are a key step forward for the security industry.”
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