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Surveillance Key to Unlocking Data-driven Crisis Management

Synectics has been confirmed as a Gold sponsor and key speaker at the Airport Disaster & Crisis Management stream of Airport 2017, taking place in Vienna (12-13 September).

During the event, the global surveillance solutions expert will deliver a presentation on how airports can use surveillance technology to improve situational awareness and enable data-driven decision-making to manage crisis situations.

Entitled “Meeting the challenges of crisis management”, the talk will take place on Tuesday 12th September at 11.10am at the Hilton Vienna, presented by Chris Bishop, VP International Business Development. The session will focus on four examples of how a unified solution can deliver complete situational awareness and help operators meet the challenges of crisis management.

Chris explained: “Airports are getting smarter – ‘connected technology’ is enabling operators to establish and significantly improve passenger touch points to enhance service levels and customer satisfaction.

“Crucially, this approach also has significant implications for airport security. Using today’s evolved surveillance command and control solutions, operators can unify, monitor and manage data from a wide range of disparate security, safety, operational and communications systems, from a single unified interface. It’s all about making the right connections.

“Managing information streams in this way, and having the ability to control multiple systems through third-party interoperability, saves a significant amount of time and also gives airports a real-time overview of activity across the entire airport estate. Additionally, this approach allows data to be correlated and mined to better identify threats that may otherwise fall between ‘operational silo’ cracks.

“Paired with functionality such as interactive workflows (tailorable to airport standard operating procedures for rapid and informed incident response support) and unified communications for enhanced internal and external stakeholder collaboration, operators have an opportunity to harness the huge amount of data at their fingertips to meet modern security challenges head on.”

Delegates at Airport 2017 will be able to witness how Synectics has developed solutions for major international airports including the recently deployed security management solution – based on its Synergy 3 command and control platform – for the new Airport Operational Control Center (AOCC) at Jakarta Airport, the southern hemisphere’s busiest airport and see some of the key technologies involved, in action. Throughout the show, Synectics (stand 14) will be holding live demonstrations of solutions including Synergy 3, its range of IP cameras and the EX300 Control Suite.

Based on its experience in developing transport infrastructure solutions, Synectics has published a range of white papers to explore key themes and trends covering topics such as airport surveillance best practice, camera trends, preventing data loss and downtime, and the importance of metadata in modern surveillance.

These white papers will be available to collect from Synectics’ stand or can be downloaded for free.

Greg Alcorn, Synectics Divisional Director – Transport & Infrastructure, said: “Airports are unique environments when it comes to security, which is why technology to support passenger and asset protection has evolved so significantly. It’s also why events such as this are so important. They provide a valuable opportunity for the industry to come together, share emerging best practice, and learn about the latest innovations to ensure that airports keep evolving to meet specific challenges.”
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