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New Synergy products for mobile and remote-site surveillance
Source: Synectic Systems
Synectics has expanded its flagship Synergy range of surveillance solutions with the launch of two new products – Synergy Compact and Synergy Tablet.

The announcement follows the wide-scale roll-out of Synectics’ evolved Synergy 3 command and control platform earlier this year.

Synergy Compact, with on-board Synergy 3 software, offers intuitive access to camera controls, recording, video playback and incident management tools in one secure and robust hardware platform.

The solution is ideal for local or remote sites (federated site applications) that require on-site surveillance command and control, while also connecting to an over-arching command and control centre.

Available in two formats, Pro and Ultra, and with user-friendly touch screen interface, Synergy Compact can support up to 32 IP video channels and is compatible with over 25 manufacturers’ IP cameras and encoder ranges for maximum flexibility.

Units can also be stacked to support up to 128 cameras on a single site, giving the added advantage of scalability according to changing site size and requirements.

David Aindow, Synectics’ Product and Technical Director, explained: “Any multi-site, security critical business is likely to require a centralised surveillance monitoring and control solution with full network reach, but on site video recording and management at specific locations – particularly those in remote areas – is often beneficial too. Synergy Compact is designed to offer a reliable and effective mechanism for achieving this.”

With direct IP camera connectivity, USB evidence storage and enterprise class Raid 5 redundancy capabilities, Synergy Compact Pro and Synergy Compact Ultra offer performance, simplicity and flexibility at a local level.

Synergy Tablet takes the concept of localised surveillance support a step further – offering mobile situational awareness for security teams in the field.

Through wireless connectivity, users can access Synergy command and control functionality via their ruggedised Synergy Tablet device. As well as being able to select, view and control both live and recorded footage: users can access maps, alarm data and a host of management work flows at the swipe of a finger.

Product pick-up is expected to be strong for applications where lone worker/patrol personnel will benefit from being able to view locations ahead of entry to enable immediate threat/hazard identification, or provide central command and control with live ‘on the scene’ footage – for example to inform emergency response decision making in an attack or injury scenario.

David Aindow said: “Synectics is committed to continuous product development and these latest innovations reflect that. Applying our knowledge and understanding of ‘real world’ security challenges, we identified a clear need for our Synergy solution to be available as a combined management and recording solution, and as a mobile solution for field operatives.”
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