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Synectics launches high temperature HD IP COEX camera stations
Source: Synectics
Synectics has launched a new breed of HD IP COEX C3000 camera stations with high definition image capture, and on-board compression technology which removes the need for separate encoder units.

Specifically engineered for hazardous areas and extreme environments, including the high temperatures of the Middle East, the enhanced C3000 camera station can stream high quality 1080p video signals in temperatures up to +70°C and as low as -55°C.

With in-built H.264 AVC high profile (MPEG4 part 10) compression technology the C3000 HD IP delivers a native IP output directly from the station. The camera stations can be configured and maintained through the Synectics web interface, ideal for remote access to stations spread across disparate and often vast locations.

Certified to ATEX, and IECEx international standards, the enhanced capabilities and ruggedised design make the C3000 ideal for protecting oil and gas, marine, and CNI applications such as processing plants, production platforms, FPSOs, pipelines, power networks, and LNG carriers.

Darren Alder, Synectics Engineering Director, said: “Oil and gas, CNI and marine assets pose a unique set of challenges when it comes to surveillance. High quality image capture in extreme temperatures and harsh weather conditions is vital, as is access to the system wherever cameras are located. High definition image capture, integrated IP and remote access all work to ensure operators can view live or recorded footage of the highest quality in any environment.

“Our camera stations and surveillance monitoring and control solutions have been protecting international high profile projects for over 25 years. This latest evolution of our C3000 range reflects our commitment to continuous product development and to delivering surveillance solutions that meet rapidly changing needs.”

The corrosion resistant, enhanced COEX C3000 HD IP camera stations are available as a standard model (C3000-S), variable speed (C3000-V), continuous rotation (C3000-C) and fixed (C3000-F) models, for hazardous areas.
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