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Synectics Releases Radar Integration Solution for Synergy 3
Source: Synectics
Synectics has developed a dedicated radar integration solution for its Synergy 3 command and control platform to assist moored at sea and coastal-based marine assets identify and track approaching threats.

This radar solution enables Synergy 3 to automatically ‘listen and react’ to NMEA protocol sentences generated by ship systems including radar, Automatic Identification Systems (AIS), compass and GPS.

For example, on notification of distant targets detected by radar, Synergy 3 is able to automatically cue cameras (optical or cooled thermal cameras depending on distance requirements) to observe, track and visually classify the approaching target in order to determine the potential threat level.

John Tinson, Systems Consultant at Synectics explains: “Global piracy rates and heightened terrorism threats make marine assets increasingly vulnerable to malicious attack. With the right solutions and technologies in place, it is possible to improve situational awareness and provide an early warning mechanism to help identify danger and plan accordingly.

“This radar integration has been developed with precisely this goal in mind – integrating vital systems to help inform, assist and protect marine assets.”

In NMEA mode, Synergy 3 collates data from cameras and ship systems to clearly display on-screen any approaching targets to a range of 25Nm, and accompanied by vital data such as vessel type, name and call sign, and closest point/time to closest point (CPA/TCPA) of approach. Where multiple targets are identified, the system will also rank in order of potential threat.

While the system facilitates absolute positioning of camera assets based on ship position and radar information, it also enables operator-led camera control and tracking. The solution has been designed to allow control via either the Synergy 3 GUI or the radar system.

Tinson continues: “Navigational pulse radars have a powerful detection range that exceeds most camera limits but, compared to the spatial resolution of cameras, have relatively poor accuracy. Unifying functionality through integration therefore provides a valuable and powerful asset – a ‘best of both’ tool which can help address the real and pressing need of improving marine asset protection.”

Synectics’ radar integration is compatible with any NMEA compliant marine system and can be used in conjunction with Synectics’ COEX C2000/C3000 cameras, or third party cameras that support absolute positioning.
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