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The Key to Smart Surveillance is Actionable Intelligence
Source: Synectics
Urban transport networks are in danger of data overload. Guarding against emerging security threats while also meeting increasingly high passenger experience expectations has prompted industry-wide adoption of multiple systems, technologies and processes. But with so much information now at their disposal, how can operators discern what is important?

One of the biggest operational risks for those working within transport and infrastructure today is disconnected data, leading to fragmented decision making.

The way to mitigate that risk, according to Synectics, is by simplifying systems integration – bringing security, safety and customer service data into one unified environment to enable threats and anomalies to be identified, understood in an holistic context, and therefore acted upon with speed and confidence.

Exhibiting at ASIS Europe 2017, the global surveillance specialist believes this realization is fueling heightened interest in command and control surveillance software such as its own Synergy 3, an open architecture platform capable of integrating and analyzing data from any third party systems, including cameras (mobile and static), access control, GIS, ANPR, communications, motion detection, footfall analytics, traffic management, emergency and signaling systems.

Greg Alcorn, Divisional Director for Transport & Infrastructure, explains: “For transport markets, surveillance has always been predominantly about detection. However, what has changed is that surveillance is no longer a primarily passive evidence gathering tool, but rather a proactive mechanism for managing all varieties of data in order to gain clarity in highly challenging environments and circumstances.

“It has become an enabler of decisive and informed action – particularly when paired with dynamic workflows which guide operatives through specific response protocols based on the incidents identified (whether those relate to security risk or customer service) and the organization’s Standard Operating Procedures. With continuing urbanization, meaning stations are serving more people than ever before, the benefits afforded by this approach are only going to increase resulting in improved passenger experience.”

Synectics designs and deploys field-proven systems for both infrastructure (stations, stops, control rooms) and on-vehicle (trams, trains, buses, coaches), making the company one of only a handful of suppliers able to deliver end-to-end, surveillance and security solutions spanning all aspects of transport. Every year its solutions protect over 1 billion passengers travelling on one of Europe’s busiest metro networks, and over 5 billion worldwide, providing Synectics with a frontline view of changing industry requirements and expectations.

Alcorn continued: “Transport surveillance is now about protecting and serving people to enhance the passenger journey – from concourse to carriage to final destination. The significance of this is that as well as a drive for data and risk clarity, there is also an industry-wide interest in converged surveillance that removes barriers between vehicle and trackside.

“Interoperability is key to this, as is improved connectivity, and the building blocks are already in place to make this happen. For example, distress or emergency alerts from a train or bus can trigger the transmission and prioritization of video images to a station control room, alongside relevant vehicle journey data. The same principles also support broader collaborative working with external agencies such as the police or local authorities.”

With data integration and interrogation so critical to secure, efficient and effective operations, safeguarding that data is also essential – a topic Synectics’ Product & Technology Director David Aindow will be presenting on at the show.

Taking place on March 30th at 14:25 the presentation, entitled ‘Big data, big challenges: learn how to guard against data loss and eliminate downtime’, will look at how organizations that are increasingly reliant on data, can build redundancy and resilience into their integrated systems. The session will also look at key data protection considerations around areas such as cloud storage, evidence management and data privacy.

Aindow said: “An integrated approach to protecting people and assets as they move across regions, countries and continents relies on data being ‘always on’, handled correctly and protected appropriately. As well as showcasing Synectics’ solutions and innovation that put transport operators in control of the information they manage, we are also attending ASIS Europe to present the measures that can be adopted to deliver piece of mind i.e. assurance of system reliability.”

Synectics’ solutions are found in environments where security and surveillance are critical, including transport and infrastructure, high security, public space, oil and gas and gaming. Offices located in Germany, UK, US, UAE, Singapore and Macau, provide sales and technical support to customers operating throughout the world.
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