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Synergy 3 to Protect Major UAE Onshore Development
Source: Synectics
Global surveillance business Synectics has been awarded the surveillance contract for Phase III of the North East Bab (NEB) Field Development – an expansion of the Rumaitha and Shanayel oilfields.

NEB is located 31 km from the UAE capital, Abu Dhabi, and currently accounts for around 8% of the Abu Dhabi Company for Onshore Oil Operations’ (ADCO) total oil production. It is a development of significant importance to the region.

The Phase III project to expand the existing Rumaitha central processing plant and implement the associated infrastructure (including new wells, flow lines, processing, utilities and transportation installations), will help ADCO increase sustainable oil production from 46 thousand barrels of oil per day (MBOPD) to 85 MBOPD by the first quarter of 2017.

Synectics is working with telecoms, safety and security systems integrator 3W Networks to supply a complete end-to-end surveillance solution to protect both hazardous and non-hazardous areas of the site. The system will be comprised of new camera stations, monitoring and control, recording and storage, video analytics, user workstations and review wall technology.

The project will be the first UAE deployment of Synectics’ Synergy 3 surveillance command and control platform. Crucially, this will enable full integration of the site’s legacy analogue technology – some cameras dating back over 12 years – with new IP HD cameras stations. It will also enable detailed integration with process, analytics and security systems, enabling the command centre teams to achieve a truly holistic view of site operations for rapid incident detection and response.

Amedeo Simonetto, Synectics’ Business Development Director, said: “With Synergy 3, operators based in one of the two command centres can access, control and record any camera using bespoke site maps, while analytical and integration capabilities ensure threats such as machinery tampering, loitering and items left or removed are easily detected. The system also facilitates virtual tripwires that trigger immediate camera feed and tracking if movement is detected. This is even the case with PTZ cameras as the solution can differentiate between ‘whole scene movement’ and ‘scene element’ movement. It’s a sophisticated system.”

The site is also the first project to implement Synectics’ C3000 HD IP PTZ hazardous area camera stations with integral IR lamp capabilities.

Walid Gamali, 3W Networks CEO said: “With vast, desert-based onshore sites such as this, lighting – or rather the lack of it – is a real issue. Sections of the development that require round the clock surveillance are remote, unmanned and often operational in complete darkness.

“As well as being able to capture footage up to 150m away in any direction, achieving high quality performance in no light conditions and with the ability to operate at +70°C was essential. Synectics’ COEX C3000 HD IP ATEX certified PTZ camera stations with integral IR lamps provided the ideal solution to this aspect of the brief.”

Before delivery, Synectics will Factory Acceptance Test (FAT) the entire end-to-end solution at its UK Operations Centre, a facility specifically built for the design and development of operation-ready systems for large-scale projects such as ADCO’s North East Bab (NEB) field development.
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