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Asia Pacific gaming market to capitalize on global surveillance expertise
Source: Synectic Systems
By 2015, nearly 45 percent of global spending on casino gaming will take place in the Asia Pacific region. With this amplifying shift in worldwide gaming dominance, surveillance integration and resiliency trends from across the globe will be embraced and pushed to new levels.

According to global surveillance solution provider, Synectics, this prediction is fast becoming a reality.

In addition to ongoing expansion of major gaming facilities in Singapore and regional cruise ship lines, Synectics has also begun surveillance system retrofit work for Solaire Casino in the Philippines. With several other high-profile casino projects in the pipeline, Synectics is in a unique position to identify and drive security technology trends.

John Katnic, Vice President of Global Gaming at Synectics, said: “IP-based solutions that integrate video - increasingly from HD cameras - with third-party transactions and alarm data, within a single command and control environment, is where the market is heading. What is most exciting, however, is how fast that transition is happening, how the market is capitalizing on global best practices and working alongside agile systems providers to develop customized solutions for their unique needs.”

According to Synectics, these trends reflect the need to distinguish and interpret meaningful information from the vast amount of data generated by casinos of unprecedented size and scale across the region.

John commented: “Intelligent integration is among the most common requests from our customers – integrations that enable visual data to be paired with detailed data analysis of transactional information, security systems, gaming systems, and other alarm systems.

“We are also increasingly working with clients to integrate video with customer-specific systems such as DRS and Genesis Gaming Solutions, particularly in Singapore, Manila and Macau.”

Synectics will exhibit at The International Association of Casino Security (IACS) conference May 27 – 29, 2014 at Marina Bay Sands in Singapore where delegates can learn about security and surveillance integration during demonstrations of Synectics’ intuitive Synergy 3 command and control system, which enables video, alarms and data to be viewed, recorded and analyzed… all within a single, user-friendly interface.

Visitors will also have the opportunity to participate in live tours of Marina Bay Sands’ own surveillance solution, which incorporates world-class gaming technologies.

At IACS, Synectics also anticipates strong interest in scalable data storage solutions and enterprise class system resiliency. The Asia Pacific region has some of the world’s strictest gaming standards and regulations, and casinos in expanding territories are likely to see regulatory compliance become even more challenging.

John explained, “Helping operators achieve regulatory compliance is an area we know and understand having installed over 75 casino surveillance systems globally.

“In Ontario Canada, for example, where Synectics is installed in over two dozen Ontario Lottery & Gaming Corporation (OLG) regulated facilities, including Caesars Casino Windsor, any loss of video can result in a government mandated shut-down. This can cost operators hundreds of thousands of dollars/day, which is why reliable failover protection is so crucial – it’s why OLG continue to use our systems after eight years of partnership.

“Asia has the most stringent regulators and highest traffic gaming facilities in the world. That’s why the APAC market demands leading edge data replication and hardware failover technologies, such as Synectics’ ‘backfilling’, whereby encoders and IP cameras record to local solid state storage and, in the event of network failure, seamlessly copy missing video from the edge device onto the primary storage server when the network recovers. This ensures no data loss and eliminates any single point of failure.”

In addition to demonstrating Synergy 3, Synectics will be showcasing its new X-Series cameras which use Xarina technology to capture twice as many frames per second with enhanced wide dynamic range for unparalleled clarity and picture quality, even in poor or variable light conditions.
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