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Innovation that Puts Users in Control: Synectics Unveils Latest Technology at World Game Protection
Source: Synectics
Global surveillance business Synectics has announced a suite of solutions to be showcased at this year’s World Game Protection Conference, including a new ‘self-learning’ PTZ application developed specifically for fast-paced casino environments.

Delegates visiting Synectics at the show will also learn more about developments including: Synergy 3’s new ‘bulk configure” functionality for streamlined camera -s tailored to specific casino environments, new third party gaming system integrations and the recently launched EX300 Advanced Control Suite.

For Synectics, which provides advanced security, surveillance and process management solutions to over 100 gaming establishments (including many of the world’s largest ‘mega-resorts’), these developments share a common theme – enabling users to control their surroundings and surveillance system the way they want.

John Katnic, Vice President of Global Gaming at Synectics, explains: “One of our new technology advancements includes ‘self-learning’ algorithms in Synergy 3 for improved telemetry and picture performance with IP PTZ cameras in low light conditions.

“PTZ camera use in casinos is extremely intensive with rapid, frequent panning, switching and zooming to track hand movements, cash transactions and fast-paced play. Counterintuitively, it is harder to sustain smooth auto focus and picture clarity with high definition cameras since there are more pixels to encode/decode. Yet, the need to focus quickly and accurately, from one area to the next, remains critical.

“This is traditionally achieved through cameras’ built-in autofocus technology which can struggle under the high demands of a live gaming floor when using high megapixel IP cameras. Challenges can include inconsistent lighting, ceiling height and excessive movement.

“Working with one of our large Asian casino clients, we’ve developed a way through Synergy 3 to enhance performance by teaching the camera about priority areas or objects in its field of view. PTZs, when first deployed, run through an automated routine that analyzes and ‘learns’ areas most likely to be focused upon. By memorizing and anticipating key areas of interest, the cameras are able to autofocus more efficiently and accurately.

Synectics has also implemented the functionality for Synergy 3 to set, save and consistently roll out user-defined camera settings (such as contrast, brightness, color adjustments) to other cameras or camera groups that require similar settings based on common ceiling height, lighting, etc.

Katnic continues: “The ideal camera setting to monitor slots is different to, say, the settings for Baccarat tables or cash cages. The enhanced integration between Synergy 3 and our IP cameras allows casinos to store camera setting data by subject category or location, and ‘bulk -’ firmware to any other cameras in a related zone – eliminating the need for camera-by-camera configuration. For properties with thousands of channels, this feature eliminates a major headache and hours of work. This is another example of how we’re constantly looking for better ways to put control back into the hands of our users and to simplify the operations they do and need most.”

This is also the case with the recently launched EX300 Advanced Control Suite, another innovative range of products Synectics will demonstrate at the show.

Comprising a Windows-based touch-screen tablet with optional integrated jog shuttle, keypad and/or joystick, the EX300 is a flexible, non-proprietary platform for Synergy 3. The EX300, with its gesture-based control, improves incident management, alarm processing and operational efficiency by empowering users to quickly and easily identify, prioritize and execute commonly used functions.

With open-protocol Windows 10 at its core, operators can tailor their individual controller desktop to process alarms, perform camera tours, or job specific workflows. But the EX300 also accommodates an individualized ‘physical user experience’. In other words, workstations can be configured with any Windows-based tablet, used stand alone, with a modular joystick controller, or with a full control suite including jog shuttle and keypad. The EX300 devices support standard USB protocol and can be hard wired or optionally battery operated with Bluetooth connectivity.

Katnic concludes: “You can’t offer customers true control without offering them a choice, and that requires a commitment to open platform technology.

“We are excited to attend events such as World Game Protection to showcase our innovations – from new developments with our HD IP cameras or the software at the heart of the EX300, to groundbreaking features such as GIS mapping, enhanced dataveillance and workflow management within Synergy 3.

“But we are also proud that Synergy 3’s open architecture gives casino operators the freedom to integrate with third party encoders, cameras, matrices and storage systems from industry-leading suppliers such as Honeywell, Pelco, Dallmeier and Bosch. We want to make it easy for our customers to use existing legacy equipment when necessary ? rather than force them to rip out and replace perfectly good equipment ? in order to take advantage of Synectics and Synergy 3, our industry-leading gaming command and control solution.

We are constantly evolving our products with customer requested features and remain committed to ensuring cross-platform compatibility and seamless integration with other leading video suppliers. It’s been Synectics’ core cultural philosophy for the past 30 years and it’s what drives us today to innovate in ways that makes life simpler, smarter and better for our customers.”
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