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New White Paper Advises on How to Prevent Data Loss and Downtime for Surveillance Networkss
Source: Synectics
Regardless of geographic location or sector application, the growing dominance of IP, megapixel cameras, and the rapidly expanding array of integrated surveillance hardware, indicates the amount of data captured by surveillance networks is ever increasing.

To put this into perspective, in 2015 new surveillance systems generated over 566 petabytes of data globally. That is twice the amount of data currently stored on Facebook. As such protecting data has never been a greater priority.

Crucially, however, this data is no longer passive where it is generated and stored predominantly for post event review. Rather, it is active and in many cases proactive data ? information that organizations need in real time in order to make mission critical decisions.

When data is so intrinsically linked to security, safety, operational efficiencies - and in many cases profitability - data loss or downtime is not an option.

Global surveillance business, Synectics, has produced a new white paper, looking at how organizations can build redundancy and resilience into their integrated surveillance systems.

This free resource - which can be downloaded at - takes an in-depth look at the key levels of protection that effective surveillance solutions should incorporate to guard against data loss and minimize any potential system downtime.

Looking at unit and system level protection, the white paper covers individual protective measures that can be built into each system to provide levels of failsafe redundancy and resilience. Protection such as:

RAID level protection
Health monitoring
Cloud storage

The paper explores specific levels of resiliency and redundancy protection that should be considered by any organization, no matter how big or small their integrated surveillance system.
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