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Etrovision Technology
Christy Tsao, Sales Manager


Founded in 2004 as a subsidiary of Chung-Hsin Electric and Machinery Manufacturing, Etrovision Technology has made significant performance in digital surveillance. With 40 percent growth in 2009, the company expects growth to double to 80 percent this year. The U.S., Europe and Southeast Asia are its major growing markets. Its brand was established in 2007, which currently brings in 50 percent of sales. About 90 percent of sales are generated overseas.

The company excels at good image color, stability in data transmission and overall system quality.
" We are strong in integration and fine-tuning software with ASIC chipsets," said Christy Tsao, Sales Manager. This year, the company released its 5-megapixel network cameras with full HD 1080p real-time and H.264 main profile compression. Focusing on providing customers with higher ROI, its surveillance solutions include face detection by using progressive scanning.

In the future, Etrovision will focus on developing reliable, stable and advanced systems for smoother data streaming and better video quality. Its market approach will also move from single products to application-oriented solutions. "We will provide more education to help our customers recognize our quality," Tsao said.