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A&R Technologies
Alfred Lam, President


A&R Technologies, founded in 2004, began its international business in 2007. Overseas sales make up about 50 percent of the company's revenue, with the Americas and Europe being major markets. Sales is expected to grow 5 to 10 percent for 2010. "We are focusing on the mid- to high-end market," said Alfred Lam, President. "We prefer offering top-quality products to show that we have good R&D and manufacturing capabilities. It helps us gain recognition." A&R's major domestic verticals include museums, banks and government projects. For the U.S., the company's current sales are mostly OEM. For Europe, the company's own brand, Suren Systems, will make its debut in 2010.

Motion sensors are core solutions. "We developed patented optical lenses and IR detectors," Lam said. “Our systems operate at temperatures under -40- to 55- degrees Celsius. With high-quality designs, our systems are sensitive and can prevent false alarms." The company has tripled its R&D budget for 2010. "To keep our price competitive, we developed our own ASIC to lower production costs," Lam said.

A&R will have more integrated solutions combining intrusion alarms with outdoor video surveillance. "Experience in the industry is our other key strength," Lam said.