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Hikvision DigiTal Technology
Tony Yang, International Marketing Director


Established in 2001, Hikvision Digital Technology has moved from manufacturing mainly back-end devices such as DVRs and compression cards to developing network cameras. With R&D personnel taking up more than 43 percent of employee resources, the company's R&D investment over the next three years will exceed US$100 million. Hikvision is part of a 2010 Shanghai World Expo project, expected to be completed by the opening in May. "It's one of the single largest high-definition video surveillance installations, where more than 10,000 HD cameras are installed to secure the venues and the streets all around," said Tony Yang, International Marketing Director. The company's major products help with the migration to IP, and its latest releases include 2-megapixel real-time CCD network cameras and embedded NVRs.

Solutions with high system flexibility are often expensive, but Hikvision makes its products cost-effective. To allow for better image quality and accelerated product rollout, the company engineers its own image-processing algorithms and works with major suppliers of DSP chipsets. Global branding and local marketing strategies also make market penetration easier for Hikvision. "It's vital to meet user requirements and create confidence among our customers about our services," Yang said.

Banking on its R&D capabilities and advanced technologies, Hikvision is anticipating a higher growth rate in 2010, with the annual revenue expected to reach $400 million.