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Chuango Electronic
Ken Li, GM


Chuango Electronic's current overseas sales account for roughly 60 percent of the overall revenue. Founded in 2001, the company's main products include wireless alarm monitoring systems and DIY alarm modules for residential installations. Aside from its OEM sales, 90 percent of its revenue last year was generated from its own brand. Asia, Australia and the U.S. are its major overseas markets, with sales channels ranging from security system distributors and integrators to consumer electronics retailers.

Chuango is ISO9001-certified and uses computer-aided surface-mount technology for mass production. High radio frequency is its core technology. "With more than 8 percent of our resources dedicated to R&D, we develop our own software and hardware," said Ken Li, GM. The company is now focusing on developing 3G network surveillance accessible via cellular phones. Reliability and ease of use make its products competitive in the residential segment. "Our 4-channel wireless intelligent alarm system is SMS/GSM-enabled and complies with the requirements set by the International Mobile Equipment Identity," said Li. "It can adapt to different countries' different network operations."

Smooth integration between video surveillance and intrusion alarm is critical in providing a reliable home solution. "We want to increase our product value and strengthen our brand name," Li said. Chuango's resources will be allocated to R&D efforts in developing integrated video and alarm systems and market expansion plans.