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Jing Hua Long Safeguard
Richard Lee, Sales Director


Established in 1999, Jing Hua Long Safeguard has experience in high-end applications domestically, including military, telecommunications and upscale residential communities. "Jing Hua Long maintains the largest market share in intrusion systems for the Chinese telecommunications industry," said Richard Lee, Sales Director. Overseas markets originally accounted for the majority of sales but have waned due to the economic downturn. Domestic demand has picked up and become the biggest revenue generator since 2007, currently making up roughly 70 percent of sales. For its OEM/ODM business, Jing Hua Long's main markets are Europe and Southeast Asia, with expansion to Brazil and Eastern Europe planned for 2010.

With more than 20 patented products, Jing Hua Long solutions suit regional differences and specific applications. "The Association of Southeast Asian Nations provides an untapped market with a population of about 1 billion,” Lee said. "Malaysia holds the greatest potential."

The company will expand its portfolio for more applications, such as manufacturing and pharmaceutical factories. The company has also increased its branding efforts in Southeast Asia. In addition to brand expansion, 24/7 support and service centers will be established. "A manufacturer's understanding of local needs should not depend solely on local partners," Lee said. "Combining accumulated technical experience and increasing research efforts are key factors to penetrate a market."