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Tungson Technology
Wuling Zhu, GM


Tungson Technology started its overseas business shortly after it was founded in 2001. Banking on its product quality and successful experience in the domestic market, Tungson's branded products are well-received in markets such as Europe, the Americas, Middle East, Africa and Southeast Asia. "Our top market is Russia, and we believe Turkey is the fastest-growing market," said Wuling Zhu, GM. Tungson's overseas sales currently make up about 30 percent of the company's overall revenue. "We will continue to expand our overseas market," Zhu said." For 2010, we expect a 30-percent sales increase."

Tungson's main products include video capture cards, network cameras and embedded DVRs with in-house compression and software. "Our R&D team has strong know-how and the capabilities to make our systems user-friendly," said Zhu. Insisting on quality control, Tungson develops and manufactures all its products in the company's own factories. "Our customers know they can rely on us because our products reliably pass our stringent quality tests," said Zhu. "High quality guarantees high ROI."

The company will continue to expand with more IP offerings, such as network cameras and video servers. "The market is moving toward IP-based solutions, and we will continue to advance in technology and offer better services to customers," Zhu said.