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OB Telecom Electronic Technology
Jack Xu, Marketing and Sales Director of Overseas Business


Founded in 2000, OB Telecom Electronic Technology provides large-scale transmission solutions to the security market. Transportation and city surveillance are its major verticals overseas. Its project references include the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games and 2010 Shanghai Expo, and its customer base is growing fast in regions like Southeast Asia, the Middle East, Africa, Europe and the Americas.

Transformed from the Fiber Optic Communication Technology Research Laboratory of Zhejiang Province, OB Telecom has the experience and R&D capabilities to stay competitive. "To ensure product quality, all the components we use are carefully selected from quality suppliers. Close cooperation with universities and institutions allows us to keep our R&D team up-to-date with the latest technology," said Jack Xu, Marketing and Sales Director of Overseas Business. OB Telecom solutions cater to a wide range of user requirements. The company's customized solutions can transfer data signals through fiber optic cables over 120 kilometers. All products are designed to support point-to-point, drop-and-insert, and fiber-ring topologies for harsh environments.

The fiber-optic transmission platform and compressed and uncompressed transmission solutions for HD video are its major products in 2010. The company will continue its overseas market expansion with different approaches in different regions. "By strategically increasing our production quantities and diversifying R&D know-how, we could further satisfy a wider range of users around the world," Xu said.