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Dahua Technology
Michael Chen, GM for Overseas Business


Founded in 2001, Dahua Technology's overseas sales had a 50-percent growth rate in 2009. Currently, the company's overseas sales make up about a quarter of the overall revenue. NVRs, hybrid DVRs and megapixel network cameras are its latest offerings. About 40 percent of the revenue is generated from its own brand, Dahua. Southeast Asia and Eastern Europe are its fastest growing markets, and public safety, finance, transportation, power plants and communications are its major verticals.

R&D is highly valued. "Apart from partnering with reputable software companies, 10 percent of the company's revenue is earmarked for R&D every year," said Michael Chen, GM for Overseas Business. Video/audio encoding and decoding, image processing, network transmission and control are the company's core competence. "We design our own chipsets and offer value-added products," Chen said. "Our HDMI DVRs allow users to switch back and forth between regular TV channels and surveillance footage on a regular HDTV display. Remote smart-phone surveillance is also supported."

Dahua will continue to strengthen its place in the domestic market and expand its overseas market shares. "We will push forward our technology advancements and add more network capabilities to our portfolio," Chen said. In China, Dahua's products have been deployed at the Three Gorges Dam, some Olympic venues and the Shanghai Cooperation Organization Summit.